FAST TRACK Your Application

See yourself successful, more quickly than you had imagined. We help entrepreneurs and businesses move to Canada and become permanent residents through the Canada Start Up Visa program. Candidates who do not require funding for their established business or who have a business idea can qualify for our FAST TRACK Program. This program includes support for a client’s business plan development, acceptance into a business incubator, and securing a Letter of Support within three months.  

86% of businesses that graduated from this program have survived, even thrived, over the past 7 years.  

SERVICES INCLUDED (but not necessarily required for all clients)

Market Research
Innovation Research
Intellectual Property Strategy, Trademark or Patent Filing, if needed
Portal Submission
Interview Scripting and Coaching
Teaser / Summary
Business Canvas
Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Industry Validation
Presentation PowerPoint
Canadian Office address
Website Design, Website Hosting,
Domain Name Registration, Branded Email Hosting
Explainer Video
Peer Review Package / Defence
Designated Business Organization Communications
Designated Business Organization Fee included
Shareholder Agreements
Incorporation Upon Landing
Placement Guarantee
Assistance with Submission to IRCC, additional fees apply
Interview Coaching Sessions3
Number of Interviews1
Training/Mentorship with Dedicated Organization10 business days
Length of Designated Business Organization Training/Mentorship2 weeks
Refund if no Letter of Support100%
Typical Letter of Support3 months
Post Landing Commitment for Incubator Training12 months

Our relationship with the York Economic Development Incubator (YEDi) in Toronto can have you obtain the Letter of Support for your business in three months. Business Incubators help startups and new businesses by providing support in a variety of areas and offer the following:

  • One year of business development support, which includes access to mentors, accountants, and a lawyer
  • Help with refining your business plan
  • Access to $100,000 worth of software and services
  • Introductions to bankers and investors
  • Completion certificates

Incubators receive roughly 3000 applicants per year which is a highly competitive process. We help you get accepted by guiding and supporting you through the application process – fine-tuning your business plan, vetting founder experience, coaching for the intake interview and much more. We help you every step of the way.

We’ve been there. We can help.

Starting a business in Canada and moving your family is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It will impact the rest of your life, and the lives of your family. To make the right decisions, you need the best information. Talking with others who have started businesses, sold them, and raised investment is critical.

Our concierge approach offers you support and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and investors, every step of the way. From the initial consultation to choosing the best option, right through to the approval of your Permanent Resident status and beyond, we’re with you. We’re your first call when you’ve got a question. We’ll help you move your family, find a home, select schools and banks, and structure your business for maximum tax savings and success.

Our firm is small and focused. We carefully select only clients who have the best chance at success with a new or existing business. From start to finish, we’ll find your perfect investor or incubator program and get a Letter of Support or you don’t pay us. Last year our success rate was 100%. Free, 30-minute consultation calls are available.

We have a proven success track record with the Incubators, Angels and VCs for our quality of preparatory work to make sure the application passes through stringent vetting progress.

  • Business Vetting
  • Designated Organization Matching
  • Due Diligence Preparation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Industry Research
  • Innovation Research
  • Marketing Research
  • Patent Preparation
  • Peer Review Support
  • Team Interviewing
  • Training for Interviews and Patches
  • Website and PowerPoint Preparations

Why the Start Up Visa Program?

  • The quickest and most affordable way to achieve Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) status is to start or import a business with the Start Up Visa Program. We’ve been there and our expert team can help you every step of the way.
  • The fastest, easiest, least expensive program for immigrating to Canada with a business and a family. Shorter and more direct process to obtain a Permanent Resident (PR) permit.
  • Dependents include spouse or common law partner and children under 21 years old who do not have a spouse or a common law partner.
  • Available to established businesses or start ups. No formal experience required.
  • No minimum investment required by business owners . No source of funds and path of funds requirements.
  • Up to 5 owners of the business can apply at one time, along with their family members, on one application
  • Lower language requirement than other pathways (CLB 5 / IELTS 5.0)
  • Ability to live, work and study upon approval.
    • Includes ability to apply for a work permit
    • Access to high quality subsidized education upon approval
    • Access to advanced health and welfare systems upon approval
  • Dual citizenship is permitted
  • No age limit
  • Opportunity to sponsor your family relatives to Canada
  • Possibility to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years of permanent residence

Check out the Government of Canada website for more information about the Start-Up Visa Program

Find a Business to Buy

We offer a carefully curated selection of established, family-owned businesses for sale in Southwestern Ontario. All business portfolios include schooling and housing options. Flexibility with initial funding is available. Each business will be matched with our client’s specific background and skill set. All businesses are highly profitable, with detailed financial reports available.

Pitching to Investors Overseas

“Facing an international investor is tricky and one cannot undermine the presence of a partner who would have experience in this area. Someone who has an existing relationship or has handled international investor meetings in the past can really help in making headway and give confidence.”

Fahad Moti Khan, Entrepreneur magazine, January, 2019